BcompB seminar Jan 15th: Prof Carmen Domene – Studies of TRP channel activation and modulation using computational approaches

The first BcompB meeting in 2019 will be an external seminar from Prof Carmen Domene (University of Bath).

It will take place on Jan 15th, 2-3pm in LT4 in the School of Chemistry.

Carmen is an expert in the structure, dynamics and mechanism of trans-membrane channels, which her group studies through atomistic molecular dynamics simulations, including enhanced sampling techniques (such as metadynamics).

She will give a talk entitled:

“Studies of TRP channel activation and modulation using computational approaches”


Transient receptor potential (TRP) ion channels constitute a notable family of cation channels involved in the ability of organisms to detect noxious mechanical, thermal and chemical stimuli that gives rise to the perception of pain. One of the most experimentally studied agonist of TRP channels is capsaicin, which is responsible for the burning sensation produced when chili pepper is in contact with organic tissues. Understanding how TRP channels are regulated by capsaicin and other natural products is essential to high impact pharmacological applications, particularly those related to pain treatment. By selected examples from the work we have carried out, I will provide an overview of the current knowledge we have about activation, permeation and selectivity of one of these human molecular thermometers.